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Medical Service Provider challenges in India

In India there are always challenges facing in medical services; Medical profession is the most holistic profession. Beside that doctors are like compare to god in India there are lot of challenges happening like below

  • Medical Treatment is very expensive and poor cannot afford much in India
  • Patients and family have lack of information and knowledge regarding their treatment
  • Less medical doctors are available in compare to overall population of India
  • Lack of Infrastructure and scarcity of medical equipments
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene standards are not getting maintain
  • Health Consciousness is increased but habits have not have changed Example Addictions etc

These are no quality check parameter for medical treatment, costing of treatment is very much having in variations and inequality also; Government health care policies and executing them is having time gap and people died before there are getting benefited from those facilities sometime.

Change only can be brought by focusing on timeliness action plan, tracking the information, doctor data management and uniformity of costing on major diseases treatment in all hospitals, more participants of private sector investment on medical service along with percent of government initiatives.

There are major five challenges in medical service provider

  • Public Sector of HealthCare industry ineffective approach
  • Private Sector of healthcare area are uneven and unequal to all populations
  • Lack of Long vision of Government Policies & planning
  • Lack of Awareness and Good Governance
  • Less Medical Services available in country in compare to populations

Public Sectors are working effectively and helpful to needy people, some good organizations worldwide working for patient and social cause driven; but still there are many scope and area of improvement like hygiene, cleanliness, resource management, availability of manpower and distribution of work as equally to each area, state, town, city and specially villages.

Private Healthcare and medical are growing and becoming larger day by day in the medical and healthcare industry but they are profit driven and corporate culture centric rather than social cause. The cost of treatment is different from small hospitals to larger hospitals. There is no uniformity or standardization in cost of basic treatments; doctors are claiming the money as per their status and expenses of hospitals.

Governments formulating the policies but they are lacking proper research on populations, predictions and precautions in terms of coming years of challenges in development, need of infrastructure, resources, manpower planning and accurate availability of medical treatments.

India is known for democracy and versatile culture and we are growing day by day. We have limited resources in the country; we are encouraging the international exposure business but we care less about our own country's people, as we do not understand the human life value. Since the child is born there is only his birth is getting registered but no any other medical documentation is getting maintain or other government registration option we have that shows the history of kid with blood group, basic health details, DNA details or human born details on record; Rather we are still trapped by social dogma of baby girl birth in society; Hence the social awareness and good governance is must for india.

We need to observe the demand and supply of medical treatment equipment, manpower planning, medical facilities, blood banks, medical vehicles and medicines; Doctors are less in comparison to populations of india. India should have an independent government body who is working on the birth to death tracking system of each person in india. In the USA there is one card available called a social security card and in India we have aadhar card for identifications. India should have a medical identity card since birth of a child with basic and fundamental details of the human body and it should be uniform to poor to rich, each state to village of india.

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