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Medical Treatment has social and economic impact for patient and their family

Sickness and Medical Treatment is always a biggest change for any family; Its worldwide truth and there are some impact points for such emotional journey for each member in family; usually we have observed undergoing patient have their own mental traumatic situation each ways; there are major five impact we are observing as below;

  • Economic & Financial Impact
  • Social Change & Acceptance
  • Emotional Journey & Self Acceptance
  • Physical Pain & Change
  • Fear of Death & Recovery Phase

We are sharing the these points as awareness point for their loved one and family member who is going through medical treatment;

Economic & Financial Impact

This is biggest impact for everyone when someone or their family member get some critical diseases or sickness happen; and it will have some financial unplanned crisis for them; their day to day revenue, earning monthly and saving get to be used for medical treatment; Sometime financial crunch will crash them into biggest life issues; poor people sometime cannot afford expensive medical treatment; this seems very much unfortunate; and india especially human life value rate is overall is lower than it should be at at to the extended where all people have equal life rights and living life style; and can have medical treatment facilities.

Social Change & Acceptance

Healthy people are happy people but in india sick people are not happy people; generally sick and undergoing treatment people must be happy, cared and loved. But in india people are not much health conscious and who are going through medical and health treatment their do not have much acceptance by society, people and sometime family also; sometime at worst rejection emotionally internally kill them; which is happening with old age people we can see lot of families are having such issues; hence government should take this call as social responsibilities and they should have planning for medical support desk centre are under privileged, poor and unreached people to counsell, talk, assist, help and care by best professional; this is first step to become one of the giant step to become india super power country; human life value must counted every level that will be a social change.

Emotional Journey & Self Acceptance

Emotional State of mind is very much connected with body consciousness and well being. Patient is use to going through emotional journey and that time, family, friends and relatives are those bonding whose care and kindness always help patient to overcome the emotional stimulation; And second thing when the critical diseases like kidney treatment, cancer, orthopedic and heart sickness; the person cannot accept the life setback and they always found in state of mind where they are not able to start the recover themselves; Hence family, doctors and medical treatment provider are playing major role for such patients.

Physical Pain and Change

Sickness is always bring the change in physic of body and sometime going through medical treatment is very painful also; Pain can not reduce sometime but we can increase the tolerance power to manage such life’s set back; people should take medication along with meditation, yoga and breathing pranayama as per the expertise advice and professionally under the observation; Family always is biggest playing strength role for patient and recovery of same.

Fear of Death and Recovery Phase

Fear of death is more horrific than phenomenal event of death; a person’s death is always a loss for their families and loved one; fearful person cannot be recover soon as their state of mind cannot be ready to get back to recovery of immune system; Mentally patient should be brave, bold and courageous so they can bounce back to normal life.

Doctors are like equal to god in india; but a doctor should be a good human being and noble person at mind and soul so they can heal the people soon; Doctor role is very much vital in medical treatment who drive the patient’s mindset and over all their family healing point of view; critical medical treatment is only can be at relief and can bring the recovery when best doctors and his/her team can act like angelic to every patient.

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