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MedicDost is Friendly Family Support to Regular Patients | Why we are best

There are many critical and life loss cause diseases we are observing in families, relatives and friends; Cancer, Kidney, Orthopedic, Heart are the major sickness and it requires medical treatment in the long run as chemotherapy, dialysis, physiotherapy likewise diseases. These are diseases sometime very traumatic, uneasy and heart broken as it bring the social,economic and emotional state of mind.

MedicDost is mobile medical health service which is new to india and started at Delhi NCR and we are having team who can play vital role to bring the relief to the needy family members whose relative or family member are undergoing to medical treatment; Why we are best as below reason;

  • We are having kind, caring and professionally trained team
  • Social Change & Acceptance
  • We are having very much empathetic as professionally organized health care service
  • We play vital role as responsibilities participant to patient’s families
  • We are the associated with finest doctors team as health care organization
  • We are having best and easy transport service at Delhi NCR

MedicDost is started with empathetic outlook and noble cause to society; Our one of the respected directors family member went through the critical medical treatment and and he found this service and need gap among the patient, his/her family, doctors and hospitals; Hence we have found the MedicDost Mobile Service, we are that helping, supporting and kind hand who is focusing on need of patient and their families; we understand the value of time, money and responsibilities especially when the medical treatment is ongoing for some families. We are providing transport to the needy family for their doctors visit on a regular basis. Bookings are available through portal and upcoming mobile application. We have started this mission from Indian capital city Delhi NCR.

We are a committed team with long term vision, mission and dedication to MedicDost Mobile Service. We are associating and encouraging the hospitals and doctors to refer to us as less costly, easy and reliable healthcare service. We are having empathetic, kind and qualified team for this precise treatment, who will take care of patient, supportive to their families, informative to each tasks and absolutely trustworthy; We have 5 years vision to enhance the vision to other north india cities soon and we want to make successful footprint as MedicDost Mobile HealthCare Service.

India is growing and has a strong foundation by the stable government. We have skilled resources and manpower but the issue with proper allocation of those distribution is the same. MedicDost Mobile healthcare care service is intent to help the poor to rich all areas of people; We are having noble cause for the society; We want to support the needy patients and their families. We want to recognize by our service, reliability, trustworthy and best health care service provider; MedicDost have put the solid innovative brick outward the transformation of medical treatment and mobile healthcare service and we are getting better and growing by name everyday.

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