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What is medical tourism and what is the future of it in India?

Medical Tourism is growing at India in last one decade, Indian medical tourism market is valued at $ 7 -8 billion by 2020; High-quality healthcare at a low cost makes India a popular medical tourism destination; Top ways to attract international medical patients

India is providing high quality medical treatment to NRI – Foreigners at low cost or efficient cost for them; and Chennai has become the “Health Care City of India”. India is providing low cost treatment to patients with high end quality facilities for example in the UK Bypass costs approx 123000 $ and in US and India it costs approx 7800 $. These variations do not impact on quality of treatment either and other countries patients have to wait for major surgeries but in India they can take calls on their decision making.

Indian government is encouraging medical tourism for that purpose. They have introduced the M Visa [ medical visa ] for non Indian residents and NRI origin as Indian; on that visa they can stay in India 30 days for treatment purposes.

What is the medical tourism future, scope and outlook in India?

  • Medical treatment should come first stage of indian people, yet we have tendencies of critical disease treatment many of indian are going out of the country; as we are known for less costly treatment but we do not get recognized by research, development and advancement of medical treatment around the world.
  • Medical Tourism is growing day by day, for the improvement in hygiene, cleaning, management and costing part of treatment should not be uneven; Indian people are first priorities deserving the medical resources; Government is supporting the medical tourism but that revenue generation must use for research and development, manpower planning.
  • The image of india should improve in terms of cleanliness, hygiene, non corruption and proper management; we have lot issues in doctors availabilities, degree, education, medical colleges, their education system and processes; These are require the reform soon about it.
  • Medical Tourism has scope that we can offer good service and have comparative study to cost effectiveness from other countries; why are there so much cost of treatment, pricing and variations; why India is known for cheaper treatment than other leading countries? What is a long term vision for medical tourism, what are the scope and these questions are very much important as India is using the less pricing model, resources, medical staff, doctors manpower, brainy people to tourist of other countries. These are really need deep research on it.
  • Medical Tourism and Costing of treatment both require implications study; Scarcity of resources, treatment, research, doctors and infrastructure compare to population; beside all medical tourism has grown, but it must not compromise the worthiness of payouts.

Medical treatment should be evenly distributed world class, standardised and qualitative; India is now becoming self reliance, growing and leading towards the queue of developed country hence the policies must have such certain vision for healthcare sectors also the same.

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