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Our Team

Mr. Rohtash Tayal

Chief Managing Director | MediStation LifeCare Private Limited

Mr. Rohtash Tayal is a core brainy genius for the idea of MediStation LifeCare and he is founder of this firm with life’s deep emotional connect experience. He had life biggest circumstances with own family member with some serious sickness and he had that emotional journey with this situation and with those challenges of such event he brings the certain vision to the society; He believe in five philosophy along with business mission

  • Have Sense of Social Responsibility
  • Be the change and bring the change
  • Use Technology as Nobel Transformation
  • Health Sector should have new version in providing healthcare services
  • Best Service is the Soul for the Business Management

Mr. Rohtash is a senior, much strong headed and dynamic business leader with more than 20 years of experience. He has a solid vision and mission for MediStation LifeCare. This is his dream venture for the social cause and wants to bring change in society with certain business offers.

Mr. Rohtash has a successful hospitality business and has chain hotels across the india. His immense knowledge of business management is outstanding and truly an inspiration to others. He believes in timeliness and value addition to the business and brings the biggest impact to life. He believes in human life value and he brings the challenge into the solid foundation of a new direction like MedicDost.

Vipin Tayal

Director | MediStation LifeCare Private Limited

Technology and Business Management are key define words for Mr. Vipin Tayal and he is businessman from Delhi NCR, he has Engineering degree in education and he is director of software development firm named OpalDoor Softwares Private Ltd and he is known for his technical knowledge and skills. He has interest in new technology, advancement and transformation. He has more than 5 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and has a strong mindset as the foundation for business management.

In MediStation LifeCare he is managing and leading the technology team of portal. He has created a best portal for MedicDost with his team; he is working and having an approach of result driven and he has many futuristic ideas when it comes to bringing the MedicDost to all India establishment.

He is working on MedicDost Portal and mobile application and putting all his knowledge and skills with his dynamic team of technology and developers. We have strength of having as the member of the management team as he has experience in management of the team, operational issues along with technology and transformation of the core idea of MedicDost.

Gaurav Seth

Director | MediStation LifeCare Private Limited

MediStation LifeCare’s one of the directors Mr. Gaurav Seth is based out of Delhi NCR and has more than 17 years of experience in the service industry. He is a businessman with certain vision, innovation, mission and sense of goal driven achievement in his life; He is a dynamic business leader and who himself is very much full of positive and optimistic approach to his business, challenges, team and decision making. He is a good decision maker and he values the time and efforts of each team member and he used to motivate every person to come across to him on a daily basis. He is truly an inspirational human being.

He has worked with different leading Telecommunications corporate as business head for different vertical and region; He has deep sense self-start approach and can bring the excellence working culture within the company; He understand the business challenges in terms of time management, value of efforts and product management; MedicDost he is working on collaboration with hospitals and have effective marketing, branding and sales management strategies for company interest and client benefits. Gaurav Seth is having sales and marketing planning to launch the new product to Delhi NCR. He is well travelled and experienced in the business management and operational process of MediStation LifeCare Private Limited.

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