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About Us

Who are we

MediStation LifeCare founded by Expert, dynamic and caring individuals who have vast experience in the service industry. Our Expert team understands the value of time and efforts towards life care and saving approach to each and every patient. We are Qualified, highly educated, professionally sound expertise on the company board. We are Delhi NCR Business Team who is visionary and future driven and having a strong foundation on commitment, dedication and discipline.

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How we are different & efficient

We believe in “Work of Excellence” and we are having understanding of medical emergencies, timely acts, care to patients, family desk to support, compassion to each life. We are different in approach to patients and their families, we believe in the process of getting and gathering all information from the patient's family and tracking all possible information to get over each time treatment as per the schedule. Here we keep track of health updates and our compassionate team always stands by the patient and their family for all treatment cycle schedules each time.

How we approachable at Delhi City

MediStation Life Care is Delhi NCR base health care service provider, we are available to get booking and registration by website online and mobile application, we team are covering all area of Delhi NCR and we have enough transportation vehicles, equipments and enough resources to serve the service to each patient health care mobile service.  We have established the MedicDost booking platform to get easy, efficient and reliable transportation for patient’s medical treatment to concern doctors and hospitals.

How we are best as professional medical services provider

MediStation LifeCare, we are a team of highly talented, qualified and educated teams who take care of each and every detail and we believe in working on micro details of patients who are under treatment and we are associated with prestigious doctors and hospitals.

How we are compassionate as team

Kindness and compassion has no language but is a deep human gesture which can heal everyone, we believe in serving the transport, care, relaxation assistance and play vital roles to support the patient family. We are trained as professional service providers but top of mind we are practicing the human life value and care to each and every patient who is getting a booking on MedicDost health care service.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To Establish and execute the health care service to India which can be additional to the value in human life which is efficient, easy to book, excellent in providing service.

Our Vision

MediStation Life care can create goodwill of best qualitative transport to needy patients for their health and medical treatment in the next 10 years.

Core Competencies

There are 5 Points of MedicDost of Core Competencies

  • Compassionate, Experienced & Expertise Team
  • Time Management
  • Qualitative Service Provider
  • Best Resources of Transports
  • Reliable and Dependable to Family of Patients

Our Five Principles of Business

  • Human Life Value & Professional Best health care Service
  • Efficient Costing & Value addition to each patient’s life
  • Health Care Service Proving & Time Management
  • Expansion & Enhancement in other cities of India
  • Excellence in business process and execution

MedicDost is created and established for needy patients who are looking to visit the doctors and hospitals on a regular basis as a schedule cycle and getting treatment for various health issues. We believe in allocating our booking slot is a process execution of which is framed into time duration and within that duration we usually accomplish the quality driven health care service. Our team is finest in time management for each patient’s treatment visit to hospitals.

MedicDost team is very accurate and process oriented. We are having trained and compassionate team members who will assist patients and their families. Being a healthcare service provider we believe in zero mistake quality maintain approach to each booking of MedicDost.

MedicDost is a professionally operating healthcare service, hence we are into health, medical and fitness service providers. We are deeply concerned about the mind set and psychological mind frame of patients and we do care for their transport between houses to hospital. We are having a kind and caring individual in the MedicDost Team.

We have a website www.medicdost.com | and website is dynamic and user friendly, easy interface and anyone can online registration and booking; we are working on mobile application with best features and user friendly outlook, we will launch soon.

MedicDost is working for goodwill of company stock holdings and investment of resources. We are a management team who firmly believe in commitment and excellence in healthcare service providers and we are going to be a major and vital role player in India soon.

Our Team

Operation Team

Health care service is all about Operational Process is management. Management is how internally works and how it is efficiently executed. Our Operational team has well defined role and responsibilities. We have dynamic and qualified team who understand and value time, money and operational process of providing the health care service; there are few major points they are following as below

  • Always Available for client communication
  • Ensuring the service provided on time
  • Keep & Tracking Clients Satisfaction
  • Timeliness | High Class Standards | Productivity
  • Tracking all information while on the way and always responding to clients as per the phone tracking map

Service Execution Team

MediStation LifeCare have product service Call MedicDost and we are leading health care service provider and our service team is our strength and we are committed to practice excellent service at Delhi NCR and gradually with India’s other cities soon.

Business & Correspondence Team

Communication is key and we believe in transparent, easy and user friendly communication inside the firm within team and client desk 24/7/365 days available to book the service. We have business management team and they are managing payment process and invoice to clients, we are using technology and have computerized fully for easy, quick and accountable payment process. We have finance team who are working closely with business and management team.

Meet Our Team

MediStation is newly and innovative concept to India, we the team have vision to proving mobile health care service to India. There are critical patients who are getting treatment of below some of major diseases list who needs every other day to visit hospital or doctor visit

  • Dialysis of Kidney Treatments
  • Chemotherapy of All kind of Cancer and Treatments
  • Orthopedic Treatments
  • Heart Specific Treatments
  • All Others Treatments which require regular visit of hospital and doctors

MediStation Life Care have launch the Service product call “ MedicDost” as the name mention we are providing friendly support desk to patient and their family; specifically we are providing service to those family who are working full day for their job, career, business and have house hold overly responsibilities and have patients at home someone whom they love, care and taking car, but they are not able to attend their doctor visit and treatment session on regular basis. Hence, MedicDost here come to play vital role to serve the service in blow process at priorities booking with Medistation Team by our portal or mobile application

  • 1. Booking On Portal or Mobile Application or Our Team Phone Communication.
  • 2. Payment for monthly and get information and some knowing points from MedicDost about service
  • 3. Inform and confirm the date of treatment and doctor visit
  • 4. Mobile Van Vehicle Transport reachable to patient to take at treatment venue
  • 5. Tracking van route and live information over the phone application
  • 6. Providing all required information over the phone to client about patient
  • 7. Take to hospital and get done the treatment within time duration
  • 8. Post treatment our team will being with patient and console them nicely
  • 9. Get back to the house destination safe, securely and nicely with patient
  • 10. Taking Feedback, about booking process, execution and acknowledgement of service

We are making every step qualitative, up to marked standards and absolutely efficient in terms of booking process, payment structure, service execution and client satisfaction.

  • 1. We are associated with doctors in our management
  • 2. We are accurate, value each human life and have understand the moments of medical treatment of the patients
  • 3. We have more than 10 years of experience in service industry
  • 4. We are lunching the new and innovative idea at india
  • 5. We are having caring, kind and epithetic service team
  • 6. We believe in excellence and best client experience with MedicDost Service
  • 7. We are committed to bring the change in health care service in terms of timeliness, perfection, cost efficient and role play of patient’s family support desk although as we understand the challenges of life

  • 1. Establish the MedicDost at Over All the India all major cities in next 5 years
  • 2. To bring the change with Mobile Medical Treatment Service concept in india
  • 3. To Get the each time success milestone with each booking
  • 4. Winning moment of point of clients satisfaction post the treatment visit
  • 5. Establish the co working and co association with leading hospital and known doctors to major Indian cities

  • Timeliness on Booking
  • Accurate on Process
  • Excellence in service
  • Availability at Perfection
  • Client Satisfaction is Goal

Founder Desk

About Education | Experience | Knowledge | Vision | Focus | Purpose as Being Founder of the MediStation Life Care

MediStation LifeCare’s founder Mr. Rohtash Tayal is based out from Delhi NCR and have more than 26 years of experience in service industry. He is businessman with certain vision, innovation, mission and sense of goal driven achievement in his life; He is dynamic business leader and who himself is very much full of positive and optimistic approach to his business, challenges, team and decision making. He is good decision maker and he value the time and efforts of each team member and he use to motivate every people come across to him in daily basis. He is truly inspirational human being.

MedicDost is his dreamed of Mr. Rohtash’s innovative idea of service product to the society and he wants to bring the change to society in terms of timely and accurate medical treatment can provide to needy patients who are having caring and lovely family but they are living with baggage of lot of work responsibilities of work, day to day job or business hours; such families cannot leave the work, career and business to manage the financial flow and management and same time they want to serve the love, kindness and care to their sick family members; so MedicDost can substitute to this requirement very nicely.

We are looking for huge success and achievement for MedicDost and we are committed to serve the nation. And we believe in humanity and care to the people who are in need to take care, and they can afford such service to their loved one in their life.

Core Philosophy of MediStation Life Care

We are following basic core 4 business philosophies

  • Excellence in Service Execution
  • Maintaining Constant Qualitative Approach
  • Keeping Ready Compassionate & Empathetic Staff/Team to work with patients
  • Time Management & Timeliness Accuracy

We are Best!

MediStation is transforming the technology with transport service along with facilitating of booking by phone call, via www.medicdost.com portal or upcoming mobile application. We are developing best interface, backend with safe secure the database of client with highly confidentiality and keeping patient’s information on priority track before visiting the hospital and doctor.

Why www.medicdost.com portal is best for booking use!

  • Portal is Dynamic Portal
  • User Friendly
  • Booking are easy to acquire
  • Easy and Efficient Online Payment
  • Client Information is Secure and Highly Confidential
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Portal & Application is user friendly

We are coming with iOS and Android application soon!

Booking Cost Details:

We have various kind of packages available as per the cost and budget variations; For booking packages of further details please visit our booking page!

Doctors Team associate with MediStation Life Care

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